Whistle GPS Pet Tracker: Product Review

In 2014, Whistle announced that they would be integrating their activity tracker with a GPS function. The Whistle GPS would not be much bigger than the

The originally advertised Whistle GPS

base model Whistle and would not require a monthly charge. To the disappointment of many pre orderers, including myself, this product never came into fruition. Instead Whistle acquired Tagg, which already had a GPS tracking product. They worked to combine the two, and few months ago, Whistle released their new product. Still branded “Whistle GPS”, it is not what the company had originally advertised.

The actual Whistle GPS available for purchase
The actual Whistle GPS available for purchase

I have the original Whistle activity tracker and love it, but I wasn’t quick to buy the new Whistle GPS. A quick browse through their Facebook comments shows many unhappy customers. I had purchased a Tagg before and returned it because I could never get the thing to activate. I worried about the Whistle GPS being too big for my dogs. And then there was the $9.99 monthly fee.. per dog.


But then a few weeks ago, I received an e-mail offering a great promotional rate on the Whistle GPS. They had also announced that they would waive the monthly fee (for a year) for everyone who had pre-ordered the original product. Faced with an upcoming vacation and the horrifying thought of my dogs going missing, I bit the bullet and ordered not one, but three Whistle GPS models.

And I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ve had my Whistle GPS(es) for more than a week now. The initial set-up was straight forward, and I got them activated with little trouble. The collar attachments are secure. (I will say that they are very difficult to remove. If you like to change out collars a lot, this might be a problem for you. I had to use a flat head screwdriver to get the rubber attachment off the collar.) Whistle sends you a notification when it is attached or removed from the collar, which I thought was a neat feature. You would know immediately if it somehow fell off the attachment. My dogs are in the mid-20 pound range, and honestly, I think it looks fine on their collars once you get used to it.

The Whistle GPS on my 22 pound Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy
The Whistle GPS on my 22 pound Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy

I emailed the Whistle customer service team to receive a refund on the monthly fees, and they responded within hours and got everything set up correctly.

The activity tracking works like the base model Whistle, although I think it may be a little more sensitive to movement. The downside to the activity tracking on the Whistle GPS is that it only updates once or twice a day, unless you prompt it to sync by pressing the button on the base charger. The basic Whistle model updated to the app every hour. I liked this because my puppy is having a bit of a rough time crate training, and I could check the activity log at work and see if he was settled in and calm. I could also see if my husband had been home to let him outside. Not so with the Whistle GPS. I know they do this to save battery life, but it is one feature I’m not so happy with.

A screenshot from the Whistle app
A screenshot from the Whistle app

What everyone really cares about though is the GPS feature, right? It has worked without fail for me. Every time my dog has left his designated zone (whether on a walk or a car ride), I’ve been notified within 5-10 minutes that he is out-of-bounds. Through the app, I can then hit “locate” and within seconds I’m shown a map of his location. It has been accurate every time. I will say I have not tried it in a rural area, only in the city. Because it works off a cellular network, I image you might have some trouble if you’re out in the boonies.

I’ve had the trackers for a little more than a week, and I would say the battery life is about 2 weeks. This varies depending on how often your dog is away from home (if they never leave, the battery will last longer).

Overall, I am happy with my purchase. If the Whistle GPS is something you’re on the fence about, I say give it a try! You can always return it within 30 days if you’re unhappy. It’s normally $79, but they’re offering $20 off with code SHIPPING20 thru 12/27/15. Click here to check it out!

Have any questions for me about my WhistleGPS? Let me know!


(I purchased my own Whistle GPS and have not been compensated in any way for this review.)

Favorite Sites & Coupons for Online Pet Supplies – 5/24/15

I shop for pet supplies and dog food for Tucker and Zoey almost exclusively online. Here’s a few of my favorite places and current coupon codes to save you money!

Pet360 is a little hard to navigate, but they offer great coupon codes from time to time. Right now codes “LOVEPETS” and “IMNEW360” both get you 20% off if you’re a new customer. Code “IMBACK” gets returning customers 10% off. Pair that with 5% cash back at Ebates and that’s some big savings! FYI- Pet360’s shipping does seem to be slower than some other online retailers, and I’ve had them cancel items from my order without notifying me before.

PetFlow has a cool feature that I like– the ability to schedule when your order will ship. I like this because I can shop for the best deals when its convenient, but set my order not to ship until the 1st of the month when my budget refreshes. Code “12OFF” gets you 12% off your order when you set up scheduled delivery (and you can cancel at anytime). They also send out e-mail offers with specific coupon codes like “25VTREATS” which takes 25% off your order of Nature’s Variety Treats.

Wag has really fast shipping which I appreciate! Code “AFF20WAG” takes 20% off your first order (up to $15 discount) and code “3MONTHSFOOD” takes 15% off of your pet food orders. Sign up for Ebates to save an additional 1% in cash back. Plus they send out coupons for your pet’s birthday– Tucker just got one for $10 off a $25 order. Sweet!

The prices at these 3 retailers tend to be higher than another one of my favorite sites Chewy, but with the coupon codes you can save a lot of money.

Did I miss any of your favorite pet supply retailers or coupon codes?

We have a birthday in the house!

I can hardly believe that the Tucker Pup turned 5 on Wednesday! Where have the years gone? I wanted to do a cute photoshoot to remember this birthday by, so I hit up Target after work to find some props. Everyone else was shopping the party aisle, I assume, for their human kids, and I’m looking at all the different things like uhhhh… which one would my dog like? LOL I did find this adorable Boots & Barkley bowtie… they’ve got some really cute stuff! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Tucker Corgi Birthday BowtieTucker Corgi Birthday Bowtie

Tucker Corgi Birthday Hat

Embrace Pet Insurance: Corgi Approved

Check out my post on choosing pet insurance if you need help figuring out how pet insurance works and which companies are reputable.

Considering purchasing health insurance for your pets? Last summer, I chose to insure Tucker and Zoey with Embrace. Here’s why–

Why I Chose Embrace

I wanted pet insurance because I wanted peace of mind. I wanted to know that in case of major injury or illness, Tucker and Zoey would get the best care, and my husband and I could still pay our light bill.  I wanted a high deductible (around $1,000) and a wide range of coverage. After obtaining quotes from several top companies, I chose to insure Tucker and Zoey through Embrace.

Here’s the stats. I pay less than $20 a month per dog for accident, illness, and prescription coverage. My plan with a $1,000 deductible has a 90% payout rate up to $10,000 a year. Embrace covers treatment for hereditary conditions, cancer treatment, and alternative therapies. Unlike some companies, they reimburse according to my actual costs and include exam fees as part of my deductible. They are also backed by USAA and provide a discount for members which was the icing on the cake for me, a USAA member.

At an additional cost, I also chose to participate in their Wellness Rewards program, which covers routine procedures such as annual exams, heart worm testing, and vaccinations as well as flea and heart worm medication. This helps me to budget vet visit costs, because it spreads the costs out evenly over a year.

My Experiences With Embrace

After I signed up, I had Embrace perform a medical history review on Tucker and Zoey. This involved having the pups’ vet fax over the last several years of medical records. The review let me know exactly what conditions they considered to be permanently pre-existing and would not cover.

About a year and a half ago, Zoey got into some mystery toxin and was vomiting Tucker tooth extractionand severely dehydrated. Embrace deemed these symptoms to be curable pre-existing conditions– in other words, the exclusion would expire one year after the symptoms occurred if the symptoms did not show up again within that time period. The only condition they deemed to be permanently pre-existing was Tucker’s broken tooth; it’s been removed so I doubt it will cause us any further problems. 🙂 All in all, I found the review to be very fair.

I haven’t met my deductible yet (although I’m close…) on the injury and illness coverage, so I can’t tell you about how that works. However, I have sent in many Wellness Rewards claims, and those were reimbursed via direct deposit within a week. The forms are simple to fill out and fax in. The customer service at Embrace has been great, and I haven’t had any surprises.

Final Thoughts

I really like Embrace, but we have friends that have chosen other companies and are happy campers. Just make sure to do your research before choosing a policy– you don’t want to be disappointed with something you’re depending on. I believe the peace of mind that comes from having Tucker and Zoey insured with Embrace is well worth the monthly fee.

Visit Embrace Pet Insurance or check out Pet Insurance Review to learn about other insurance providers!

Choosing A Pet Insurance Company: What You Need to Know

Pet insurance… this topic comes up over and over again on the doggy Facebook groups that I’m a member of. People want to know… is it worth it? Last year I set out to answer this question for myself, and here’s what I found out. (Disclaimer… I am a helicopter dog parent, not a vet or insurance guru. This advice is just what I’ve learned through my experiences.)

Corgi Hurt Paw

Why do I need pet health insurance?

I love my dogs. I would do anything for my dogs. And my dogs get into a lot of trouble. My husband and I, like most young couples, don’t exactly have stacks of spare cash sitting around. I wanted peace of mind that we wouldn’t be financially ruined if they needed an expensive medical procedure. Sound like you?

Here’s the deal. Bad stuff happens. Bad stuff happens even to the best of pet owners who keep their pets wrapped in five layers of bubble wrap and never let Fluffy or Fido out of their sight. Pets get hurt. Pets get sick. The good news is that veterinary medicine is very advanced and many conditions are treatable. The bad news is that treatment can be very expensive.

This is where pet insurance comes in.
Corgi Cone Of ShameHow does pet insurance work?

For the cost of a monthly premium, pet insurance companies will reimburse you for medical expenses. It’s important to note the word reimburse— you will have to front the money for treatment one way or another. The good news is that within a few weeks, assuming the treatment is covered under your plan, a certain percentage of your costs will be reimbursed.

How do I choose an insurance provider?

This is the tricky part. There are a lot of pet insurance companies, and they are not created equal. In fact, some seem more like scams with more claims denied than accepted. Pet insurance companies are not regulated like human insurance companies, so it’s important to find a reputable provider.

Pet Insurance Review is a great website to get a feel for all the companies. They have reviews from real customers, so you can see if people are actually getting the coverage they expected. Healthy Paws, Petplan, Embrace, and Trupanion are currently the top rated companies (rated 9+ on a scale of 10).

Once you’ve selected a few companies that interest you, head to their websites to get a quote. For most sites, this takes only a few minutes. The cost of your plan will depend on your pet’s age, breed, and even whether or not they are spayed or neutered.

In addition, you’ll need to select your level of coverage. Consider…

  • Do I want my plan to cover routine vet visits (a higher monthly cost) or just emergency situations (cheaper from month to month)?
  • Does this plan cover heriditary conditions? Alternative therapies?
  • Is the deductible per year or per incident?
  • Do they include my exam fee as part of my deductible? (Some companies don’t, and emergency exams can be costly!)
  • Does the company reimburse my actual costs or pay me according to a list of what they think procedures are worth?
  • Is there a maximum payout?
  • Do they offer any discounts– i.e. multiple pet, military, student, etc?

Read all the terms and fine print! This is NOT something you want to be surprised on. Note: no companies currently cover preexisting conditions!

Head here to read about what pet insurance company I chose for Tucker and Zoey!

Are you considering insuring your pets? Do you already have a policy? Let us know your experiences!


Super Bowl Sunday: A House Divided

Well, I thought I’d let Tucker and Zoey weigh in on their Super Bowl predictions! Zoey is rooting for the Seahawks, but Tucker is pretty sure the Patriots are going to take the win! Do your pups have a Super Bowl Sunday prediction?

A house divided! Visit our blog for more of Tucker and Zoey! #superbowl2015 #corgi #dogsofinstagram #corglife @Seahawks @patriots

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Cute Corgi Stuff I’m Coveting Right Now

Ahhh… I love to search for the latest Corgi cuteness. Do I need more Corgi stuff? My husband would probably say no, but I say you can never have too much Corgi!

Cute Corgi Stuff You Need Because I Said So

(and if you don’t want it, you can send it to me)

Corgi Temporary Tattoo by PaperPlants

These temporary Corgi tattoos by PaperPlants are too stinkin’ cute! I’m not brave enough to get a real Corgi tattoo, so these are the next best thing! And they’re less than $1 a piece! Corgi tattoos for all!


Corgi Cookie Cutter by ThreeCheersForCorgis

What’s better than cookies and Corgis? Nothing, I say. Nothing. Check out ThreeCheersForCorgis to get you one of these bad boys.


Corgi Laundry Sign by geministudio

I’d say 95% of the laundry I do is directly because of my Corgis. It only seems fitting to have them representing in the laundry room. geministudio is the mastermind behind this piece— and they do custom colors and dates! This would be a cute present for a new Corgi parent.


Corgi Phone Case by FiaMiaCases

I need this Corgi phone case in my life. Actually, I think I’m going to head to FiaMiaCases and order one. BRB.


Corgi Magnets by PopDoggie

I have had these on my Etsy favorite list for-ev-er. PopDoggie makes all sorts of cute stuff, so make sure to check out their whole site!


Hurry y’all! Go support small businesses and getcha some!